About us

ALEA real estate agency is new at the market and as such it is suited to the modern way of running a business. It employs highly educated real estate agents who will be glad to advice you about all administrative (paper work) and technical questions when purchasing real estate; Moreover, we employ a graduate mechanical engineer with years- long designing, supervision and real estate estimate experience.

We assist our clients from a visit of real estate to the transfer of property to a new owner. Safety and satisfaction of everyone involved in property transactions is of the greatest importance to us. We cooperate with a lawyer's company guaranteeing our clients legal security. We will make sure that you invest your money safely, meeting high standards.
We provide the following services:

  • Assistance with all aspects of purchasing a property
  • Advertising real estate in the real estate advertising magazine and a personal real estate presentation.
  • We will examine the legal status of the property in the land register before putting it up for sale and concluding a real estate purchase and sale contract.
  • Gathering the requested legal documents required to conclude a sales contract/pre-contract
  • Preparation of the preliminary and final contract verified by a notary.
  • Legal advice and ownership registration at the land register of the Republic of Croatia
  • Real estate estimate
  • Real estate insurance
  • Assistance with the obtaining of project documentation necessary to get a location and building permit; creation of the project documentation in assisstance with a verified architect
  • We take care of the transfer of overhead expenses (electricity, water, phone, garbage collection, utility rates, flat repayment, inspection of the building and other) to the new owner.

According to the pricelist of the Croatian Chamber of Economy the mediation commission fee for property transactions, property exchange, property lease or rent is 3% + VAT for sales  and 3% + VAT for purchase mediation.